Hello and welcome to our Northern Gallery!

On this page you can browse through all of the photos from our Northern Reserves Task Days and see what the Northern Reserve Task Force Volunteers have been up to!

We hope the photos will give you a flavour of what’s involved in volunteering with the Durham Wildlife Trust!

January 2017

This month we are warming up by carrying on with woodland management tasks

February 2017

Woodland management, fencing repairs and some winter tree ID training

March 2017

Woodland management and hedge planting

April 2017

Improving access for people and making sites safe for grazing animals

May 2017

This month we are continuing with access improvements

June 2017

This month is mainly taken up by controlling invasive plant species to help our wildflower populations bloom, we also went to visit Hauxley nature reserve and Coquet Island

July 2017

Fencing repairs and ragwort control in time for grazing season

August 2017

This month volunteers were encouraged to join the other task forces- or take a well earned break- while leader Steve was on his annual leave. Towards the end of the month we started management to preserve our wonderland grasslands.