Hello and welcome to our Northern Gallery!

On this page you can browse through all of the photos from our Northern Reserves Task Days and see what the Northern Reserve Task Force Volunteers have been up to!

We hope the photos will give you a flavour of what’s involved in volunteering with the Durham Wildlife Trust!

January 2016

The Northern, Eastern and Western Reserves Volunteers have been mainly working at Cross Lane Meadows this month. We successfully kickstarted our new Wednesday task day and are keen to encourage more volunteers to join us.

February 2016

We are continuing our hedge laying at Cross Lane Meadows this month before moving on to planting native trees at Milkwellburn Wood.

March 2016

This month we are completing our tree planting at Milkwellburn Wood, hedge laying at Crossland Meadows and clearing scrub at Barlowburn.

April 2016

This month we are doing our spring cleaning around various Gateshead DWT sites. This will include improvements to access and boundaries around our sites for the benefits of wildlife and people.

May 2016
June 2016

We have started this month with a vibrant visit to Cross Lane Meadows.

July 2016

We started the month off at Addison and Hedgefield, Balsam Bashing!

August 2016

August started off with the tree tube weeding of Milkwellburn.

September 2016

Started out at Cross Lane Meadows this month.

October 2016

October started at Barlow burn grass cutting, with weeks to come of river clearence at Lamesley Pastures.

November 2016

Hedge laying at Cross Lane Meadows started off the month with weeks to come of pond creation at westfield pastures and sycamore regeneration treatment at Milkwellburn Wood.

December 2016

Hedge Laying is the main task in December at Cross Lane Meadows!